For Parents

We understand that parents and guardians have many questions about the field trip portion of the program. We will work closely with your child’s teacher to ensure that youngsters have an amazing and safe experience during their field centre stay, and to provide reassurance to every parent.

Your teacher will send home a letter regarding your child’s involvement in the Environmental Leaders of Tomorrow program.

The following presentation, prepared for Lake St. George Field Centre, provides answers to the most common questions that parents have. Our FAQs section (below) explores these questions in more detail.

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Where is Albion Hills Field Centre located?

Albion Hills Field Centre is located on Highway 50, just north of Bolton, and is within the beautiful Albion Hills Conservation Area.

This site features a creek, mixed forest, meadows and wetlands, creating an abundance of habitat for wildlife and learning opportunities for visitors.

Interior dining room of Albion Hills Field Centre

Where is Claremont Nature Centre located?

Claremont Nature Centre is located north of Ajax. It’s on Westney Road, about three kilometers north of Highway 7.

The pristine Duffins Creek runs through the property flanked by valley slopes of mixed woodland and open meadows.

exterior of Claremont Field Centre

Where is Lake St. George Field Centre located?

Lake St. George Field Centre is located in north Richmond Hill on Bethesda Road just east of Bayview Avenue.

This 120-hectare site, located at the headwaters of the east branch of the Humber River features a kettle lake, mixed forest, meadows and wetlands, creating an abundance of habitat for wildlife and learning opportunities for visitors.

Davies Hall at Lake St George Field Centre

How long will students be staying at the field centre?

Students who visit the field centre for the Environmental Leaders of Tomorrow program stay for two and a half days (two nights), usually Monday to Wednesday or Wednesday to Friday.

What does a typical day at the field centre look like?

• Rise and Shine: Get up, wash up, dress up … no sleeping in!

• Breakfast and Morning Routine: Two-course meal in the dining room

• Morning Program: 2.5 hours

• Lunch: Nutritious and kid-friendly (in the dining room)!

• Afternoon Program: 2.5 hours


• Dinner: Home-style meal in the dining room

• Evening Program: 1.5 hours

• Own time/Evening routine: Showers, snacks, quiet time inside

• Lights Out! (The lights out time will vary with age and will be set by the supervising teachers.)

students enjoy a classroom experience at Lake St George Field Centre

What types of programs and activities will my child be participating in?

Your child’s teacher will decide which programs will best compliment the trip agenda.

Yes, there will be curriculum-linked school programs and learning will be happening throughout the entire trip — but students  can expect to participate in recreational activities too, such as survival skills, skiing, orienteering and campfires!

Popular Programs:

  • Survival Skills
  • Pioneer Life
  • Team Building
  • Nature Photography
  • Ecology Hike

students take part in a wilderness survival skills program at Albion Hills Field Centre

Will my child have free time while at the field centre? What are the options?

Free time is offered to students — however, it’s not totally FREE!

Indoor free time activity options may include board games, reading, and art (in general, quiet activities). Outdoor activities may include sports, photography, or just relaxing with friends.

All activities are with teacher permission and supervision. (No napping in dorm rooms on free time!)

students enjoy free time activity at Albion Hills Field Centre

What should we pack?

Part of the adventure is knowing how prepare.  Think about the season and the local weather forecast. Youngsters will be outside in all types of weather, so they should dress in layers to be warm and dry.

Each of our field centres provides a Clothing and Equipment List with specific details on what to pack:

clothes drying on a line at Claremont Field Centre

Can students bring electronic devices?

The rules at the school apply at the field centre, so please check with your child’s teacher. However, we strongly recommend that cell phones and personal devices are left at home. This is a chance to “unplug” and allow everyone to take full advantage of the learning and recreational opportunities that we offer.

Bringing a camera and games that can be played with others (sports equipment, board games, playing cards, etc.) is strongly encouraged!

We do have a payphone that is available for use with the teacher’s permission.

a student practices photography during free time at Albion Hills Field Centre

What kinds of meals will be served at the field centre?

Our chefs provide large portions of healthy, home-cooked food.

• Sample Breakfast: cold cereal, pancakes, sausages, and juice/milk

• Sample Lunch: soup, pizza, tossed salad, fresh fruit, juice

• Sample Dinner: baked chicken, rice, mixed vegetables, home-baked tarts, milk

snack time at Albion Hills Field Centre

 Can my child bring his/her own snacks and treats?

No. Healthy snacks and beverages (such as home-baked cookies and juice) will be provided by the field centre, or your child’s teacher may arrange with field centre staff to bring snacks for the group.

students enjoy snack time at Lake St George Field Centre

How are special diets accommodated?

To ensure that our chefs are able to accommodate all children with dietary restrictions, it is important that parents complete the Health and Consent form that will be sent home with each participating student and return it in a timely manner.

Once our chefs have this information they will work to ensure all children visiting have access to the appropriate food and are happy and full!

Health and Consent forms:

Where does the drinking water at the field centre come from?

Both Albion Hills and Lake St. George field centres are serviced by the Regional municipal water supply. Claremont Nature Centre draws water from an on-site well. Water is treated and tested in accordance with provincial clean water regulations to ensure a safe water supply.

What are your accommodations for special needs?

Accessibility accommodations can be made in most cases. Be sure to discuss any specific needs or concerns with your child’s teacher as soon as possible.

What happens if my child is not feeling well?

Your child should tell their teacher or a field centre staff member if he or she is feeling ill or has suffered an injury.

Field centre staff have first aid training and will assess the situation quickly. We will also make sure a phone call home is placed if needed.

What if my child requires specific medication?

Using the Health and Consent form, you must inform your child’s teacher of any medications your child may require. Appropriate storage of medications will be provided.

If a student has an allergy for which they have an epipen, TWO epipens must accompany him or her on the trip. The child must carry one at all times, and the teacher must carry the other, along with a two-way communication device.

If your child uses a puffer, he or she must carry one at all times while outside of the building.

Where will my child sleep?

Students sleep indoors at the field centre. Dorm rooms are equipped with bunk beds and can accommodate between 2-6 people. There are separate male and female quarters.

Teacher supervisors will assign sleeping arrangements for your child. Students should bring a pillow and sheets/blankets or a sleeping bag.

Dorm room with bunk beds at Albion Hills Field Centre

What are the washroom facilities like?

There are separate male and female washrooms. Each washroom has shower stalls with curtains, so everyone has their privacy. There are also a number of toilet stalls and sink stations.

Teacher supervisors have their own, separate washroom facilities.

washroom at Albion Hills Field Centre