Our Program

Young boy at Claremont Field Centre holding a frog

The Environmental Leaders of Tomorrow program maximizes the potential for student success — both in the classroom and in the community.

Our program utilizes a multi-phase, integrated approach to environmental education, in which classroom learning is combined with a three-day, two-night trip to one of Toronto and Region Conservation Authority’s (TRCA) three field centres.

This approach allows for the integration of concepts, deepening of knowledge, and development of skills that enhance learning about the natural world.

Upon returning home, students are inspired and challenged to translate their new knowledge into action — moving beyond simply learning to doing!

Our THREE-PHASE Approach



PHASE 1: In-Class Experience

A trained educator will visit the students at school to introduce them to natural science concepts and environmental issues that will be explored in more detail throughout the program.

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PHASE 2: Outdoor Centre Experience

A residential visit to one of Toronto and Region Conservation Authority’s (TRCA)  field centres to continue lessons initiated in the classroom and develop the leadership skills needed to support personal and community action.

Student learning is reinforced by providing hands-on opportunities and immersion in sustainable living practices, as well as an appreciation of the natural environment.

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PHASE 3: Action Project & Follow-up Experience

Students commit to both personal change and shared action by undertaking a project or stewardship activity in their school or community.

After the trip, a trained educator from the field centre will visit the students at school to reinforce previous learning and celebrate their efforts.

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Fundamental to this program are the three “knowledge-to-action” pillars:

  • Ecological literacy (LEARN)
  • Environmental leadership (LEAD)
  • Community action (TAKE ACTION)

By weaving these core themes throughout all phases of the program, Environmental Leaders of Tomorrow gives students a fully integrated, curriculum-based, multi-disciplinary experience.



  • "Keep it up. Love it. Need more of it."

  • "The students felt that they had a voice and their actions could make changes in our environment."

  • "It was amazing and the students wish they could go back for a week."

  • "This was the best experience of my 30-year teaching career."

  • "Your work is life-changing, truly!"

  • "It should be mandatory for all grade 6 students in the province."





students participated



classes participated



communities engaged



Ontario school boards engaged



projects funded through the Schoolyard Biodiversity Grant



class-led environmental initiatives undertaken





To learn more, check out this video, produced under the program’s former name, The Weston Family Environmental Leaders of Tomorrow.