Environmental Leaders of Tomorrow Program

Welcome Teachers!

The Environmental Leaders of Tomorrow program is an innovative environmental learning experience aimed at developing the next generation of environmental leaders in our communities.

The program utilizes a multi-phase, integrated approach to environmental education, in which classroom learning is combined with an out-of-classroom excursion to one of Toronto and Region Conservation Authority’s (TRCA) outdoor education centres.

This layered approach allows for the integration of concepts, deepening of knowledge, and development of skills that enhance learning about the natural world. Upon returning home, students are inspired and challenged to translate their new knowledge into action — moving beyond learning to doing!

Based on three “knowledge-to-action” pillars — Ecological Literacy (LEARN), Environmental Leadership (LEAD), and Community Action (TAKE ACTION!) — the Environmental Leaders of Tomorrow program focuses on the concepts of Biodiversity, Climate Change, and Sustainability.

Program Overview


PHASE 1: Virtual TRCA-led Program

This interactive virtual program led by TRCA educators will introduce students to the concept of leadership and engagement as it relates to human impacts on the environment. Students will explore the actions they can take in their everyday lives to become more sustainable, and will choose and commit to changing one habit through a personal eco-pledge (60-minute program).


Video: Solutions for Climate Action  •   Student Eco-pledge Sign-up Sheet  • Student Eco-pledge Tracking Sheet


PHASE 2: Outdoor Education Centre Trip

An out-of-classroom excursion to one of TRCA’s Outdoor Education Centres to continue lessons initiated in the classroom and develop the leadership skills needed to support personal and community action.

Student learning is reinforced by providing hands-on opportunities and immersion in sustainable living practices and the natural environment.

Following the trip, students will team up and create a unique “eco-pitch” to inspire classmates and peers to continue making environmentally sustainable choices.


Educator Resource: Student ActivitiesEco-pitch Challenge Team Worksheet


PHASE 3: Virtual TRCA-led Program

During this follow-up program, TRCA educators will connect with the class virtually to celebrate their eco-pledge journey, hear about their team eco-pitches, and consider the connections between personal actions, biodiversity, nature, and the environment (40-minute program).

Bus Subsidy

Toronto and Region Conservation Authority (TRCA) is offering a bus subsidy to classes participating in the Environmental Leaders of Tomorrow program to help cover the cost of transportation to and from the outdoor education centre.

The subsidy provides funding up to $500 (excluding HST) per eligible class. Follow the link for full details and to access the application.


Teacher Feedback Counts!

Teacher feedback is valuable and will help us improve the program for other classes and report impact to our funders. An online survey will be sent to participating teachers by email once your class has finished all three phases of the program.

The survey should only take a few minutes to complete and is an important part of concluding the program.

Thank you in advance for your time and contribution.