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    Environmental Leaders of Tomorrow: 2016 in Review

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    “The students felt that they had a voice and their actions could make changes in our environment.”Teacher Testimonial

    2,704 students took part in the Environmental Leaders of Tomorrow program in 2016, with the result that more than three-quarters succeeded in decreasing their ecological footprint.

    As reported in our 2016 Year in Review summary, 106 classes representing 23 different school boards from across Ontario participated in the program. The students in these classes launched 151 environmental action projects, from plantings and habitat creation to schoolyard clean-ups and recycling programs.

    Environmental Leaders of Tomorrow 2016 results infographic

    MORE 2016 RESULTS:

    elt_favicon_16x16  93% of teachers indicated that student awareness of environmental issues increased.

    elt_favicon_16x16  76% of teachers indicated that student participation in ecological initiatives increased.

    elt_favicon_16x16  72% of teachers indicated that student willingness to mentor others about environmental concerns increased.

    elt_favicon_16x16  99% of teachers were extremely satisfied with the program.